• Journaling doesn't have to be complicated. This very special box was created to empower you to Wear Your Crown, be fruitful in 2021, and in turn transform the world around you. If you could box a hug from an amazing friend, this would be it. Since awesome things come in unassuming boxes and as not to ruin the suprise of opening your special box, I purposely haven't shown you the inside of the actual box but know everyone who has recieved it thusfar has been happily suprised :) By purchasing your whole year, you save $120! Wow! 


    In this monthly journal box you'll find

    The 4 P's-

    -items to help you PROCESS thoughts, feelings and experiences

    -an affirmation system that reminds you to PROCLAIM good things about yourself

    -a special gift each month to help you PAMPER yourself

    -a set of greeting cards to PAY IT (goodness) FORWARD

    Box Contains the following: 

    • CROWN Method of Journaling Guide
    • Access to the Fruitful online journaling CO-mmunity
    • Specially curated encouraging content updated weekly
    • Instant Access to Fruitful's Online Hub!*
    • Hand-crafted 30-day Journal
    • Sticker Journal Prompts
    • Affirmation "Credit" Card
    • 3 Greeting Cards (w/envelopes and stamps)
    • A special hand-crafted gift from CoHeir*
    • Free Shipping!!!


    This year's monthly themes are as followed: 

    March- Joy
    April- Peace 

    May- Patience 

    June- Kindness 
    July- Hope

    August- Goodness

    September- Gentleness
    October-Self- Control

    November- Thankfulness

    December- Selflessness
    January 2022- TBA
    February 2022- TBA


    THIS IS A PRESALE. YOUR FIRST BOX WILL ARRIVE ONE WEEK BEFORE MARCH 1 AND YOUR SUBSCRIPTION WILL LAST THROUGH FEB. 27TH 2022. Each subseqent box will arrive one week before the new month. If you'd like to view monthly subscription options, please click here

    *access to the online community can take up to 24 hours when purchasing year-long subscription. 

    Fruitful 'Diamond' Annual Journal Subscription Box

    $360.00 Regular Price
    $240.00Sale Price

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