Jealous-Pt. 3 of God as Father Series

Some of the most devout people of the Bible had wanderlust in their hearts. King David had everything he desired but because he allowed his eyes to wander momentarily from what the father desired for him, he found himself gazing upon the beautiful, but very married, Bathsheba. and literally all hell broke loose because of it (2Samuel 11: 1-5).

Who knew bathing could be so deadly!


"I am pregnant." are some dreaded words when they come from your mistress (I use that term lightly because no on knows how much choice Bathsheba had in this illicit affair). David was in trouble and he knew it. And with the same cunning and shrewdness he defeated Goliath back in his boyhood, David used those attributes for things far more godless and devious. All he had to do was get Bathsheba's husband Uriah the Hittite to sleep with his wife. That'll solve the problem. Uriah gets a vacation, some free booze compliments of the King and he'll sleep with his beautiful wife like any man would after going to war. But Uriah didn't take the bait. He proved far more loyal than David anticipated. So Uriah was sent back to war with a letter in hand. Little did Uriah know the letter he delivered was his own death certificate, signed by the king and executed by his faithful servant Joab. Uriah was sent to the front lines where surely he would be killed. David's plan worked wonderfully. Maybe David thought this a better solution seeing as now Bathsheba could become yet another wife of King David and she would bear him a son. But remember, God is jealous for his children...even adulterous, deceiving, manipulating, lying, murdering King David. God was preparing to snatch David back from his worship of women and set him back on track. After all, David was, even in the midst of all that sin, a man after God's own heart. So the Lord sent Nathan to deliver a message to the King.

Prone to Wander

Beloved, many of us will not go out and murder a rival lover, but all of us are prone to wander. Many of us have told a lie that begets another lie that then calls for an even greater deception. Many of us have lusted after, if not a man, maybe worse, some ridiculously expensive piece of furniture or clothing or vacation that we really didn't need. Many of us have coveted our neighbor's belongings or lifestyle and the covetousness turned into greed and envy that drove a wedge in what could've been a beautiful friendship. Some of us might have even cheated on our spouse or significant other mentally, emotionally, or physically. But all of us would probably call ourselves Christians in the midst of our sins.

I want you to know God is just as jealous for you as he was for David. He wants you back because you belong to Him and only him. He doesn't share you with other gods. The enemy's seductions through the means of little-g gods (anything we worship that is not our Heavenly Father) are strategic; intended to tear down what God is building up for His kingdom and glory.

Something Bigger

The Lord's love, grace, and mercy are bigger than your sin. God wants his children close to him always so don't think your little-g god is too big to set aside. Don't believe the lie that you're damaged goods. God doesn't want you back when you're 'better' and sin-free. Father God, because of his nature, wants to take part in your healing process. 2 Corinthians 12:9 speaks to how much admitting our weaknesses before the Lord does-

"But he said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.' Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weakness, so that Christ's power may rest on me."

In our own power, we always lose and remain eternally powerless. But, when we cry out to the one who formed us in our mother's womb, and say "Lord, I messed up big time! I messed up so horribly I don't even know how to clean up this mess. I don't have enough money or strength or courage to rectify this situation on my own. I need you. I need you!" It is then that Christ's power rests on us and we are sustained and covered in the midst of our troubles.

Challenge Questions

  • What are your little-g gods?

  • What or who do you worship other than God?

Challenge Convo

Have a conversation with God about the spaces or voids in your life and share with him the unhealthy ways you fill those voids.

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