Formation-Pt. 1 of God as Father Series

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Before we dive into anything having to do with our own identities, we have to establish an understanding about who God is. This three part series will give us a glimpse of who God is to us, how much he loves us and what he's willing to sacrifice to bring us back to where we should be. This will be the foundation we build all of our other topics upon.

God the Father God perfectly loves us. His love is so far reaching and all encompassing he formed us out of the clay (Is. 64:8). He made something out of nothing. He knit us together in our mother's womb (Ps. 139:13). His word says we are 'fearfully and wonderfully made' (Ps.139:14). We are each painstakingly unique; even genetically identical twins are nuanced in their appearance and personalities. He loved us enough to only make one of us in all heaven and earth. The depth of God's love formed us knowing we would spit in His face; sin in all sorts of manners against him. God's love for us is perfect, unconditional, totally incomprehensible agape (which is Greek for absolutely unconditional love). God loved us enough to allow us to choose or reject him, to hurt or please him. His motives for creating us were absolutely void of ulterior motives. He simply wanted to manifest his love and he did it through creating us. This is God the Father.

I can't help but think of Beyonce's Formation when I hear the word but that's not what we're talkin' about here. Photo/Instagram


God created you. He pulled you, a formless chunk of clay (Is. 64:8) and created a complete and functioning human being he called 'very good' (Genesis 1:31). He drew you together- bone, sinew, muscle, tendon, skin and breathed his breath; the breath of life, into your lungs. God gave you unique-unto-you features- the texture of your hair, each freckle strategically placed, the tone of your skin, the hue of your eyes. He measured the size of your hands and the capacity of your heart. Every crack and crevice was pondered and paid attention to, like only a parent could pay attention to a crack or a crevice.

Those of us who are parents, had to wait to gaze upon the beauty of our newborn children until they were out of the womb. Even with the advances in technology like 3-D imaging we only get a preview of what our children will look like when they're fully formed. But our frames have never been hidden from our Father; even in the secret place of our mother's womb. He didn't make any mistakes when molding us; the hands of the Potter are eternally skilled. In fact, God looked upon our unformed bodies (Ps. 139:16). Now wrap ya head around that one! God saw what wasn't visible. There's not a father on this earth that can say that! God literally and figuratively knows us at the pre-atomic level.

Cookie Cutter Kids

Have you ever seen a cookie cutter kid? That's a kid that looks exactly like one of their parents. It's so cool. There's no denying the relation. Their appearance, inflection in their voice, mannerisms, and behaviors scream "That's my mom!" or "That's my dad!". The Bible clearly tells us we too were made in our Father's image (Genesis 1:27) but too often our human brains think that means God looks like us in these human bodies...Sorry to burst your bubble but that is not quite right. God is Spirit (John 4:24) so there is no way our earthen vessels encapsulate the fullness of God's being. We are to reflect his Spirit nature, literally like a mirror. That means our entire lives should scream- "God is my daddy! Everything I say and do points directly back to my Father." We all know sometimes our lives don't and like any good earthly dad, our Heavenly Father pulls us aside and lovingly reminds us through his Word, that's now how children in this family act. He does this because of the immense amount of love he possesses for us.

Challenge Questions

  • What are some ways you are just like your Daddy?

  • What are some ways you've fallen short of reflecting the fullness of God's image?

  • Are there negative attributes of your earthly father (or lack thereof) that you've projected on your Heavenly Father wittingly or unwittingly?

Challenge Convo

Have a conversation with God about how you 'look' to him. Allow him space to answer you with his Word and with his loving words.

Feelin' kinda strange? Compelled to do something but don't know what? Check this post out. It might just help you make sense of things.

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