Deep Love-Pt. 2 of God the Father Series

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Ancient Greek has four distinct words for love: agápe, éros, philía, and storgē. Agape is used in ancient texts to denote feelings for one's children and the feelings for a spouse. It was also used to refer to a love feast. Agape is used by Christians to express the unconditional love of God for his children.

Love Feast

"A love feast". How fitting. Have you ever seen a baby- a brand new baby and said something like "Oh my goodness! Look at that adorable baby! I just want to eat him up!!!!!" Maybe that's just me...well, if you haven't it's that compulsion to see something so wondrous, so new, so unscathed and literally want to consume it. It's actually a real phenomenon called "dimorphous expressions" It's a way for our bodies to regulate overwhelming emotions.

When we get a good feeling that's almost too good, our body counters it with an opposite response-like the desire to eat a cute baby or when we cry tears of joy. Agape is possessed and expressed by our Heavenly Father and is perfect in its intent, wholly unconditional, and totally incomprehensible. It truly is difficult for humans to fully wrap their minds around this kind of love because we cannot embody the fullness of agape in our flesh.