CoHeir's Stance Regarding BLM

Black Lives Matter. Periot.

CoHeir fully supports the Black Lives Matter Movement.

The above statement means that CoHeir believes that Black Lives Matter. The time for discourse is over regarding the above mentioned statement. A full half of me is a mix of black and indigenous blood so I am not here for any foolery regarding Black Lives Matter. If you are Christian and are here and feel some type of way about the Black Lives Matter Movement being founded by three black queer women, then I ask you, why weren't YOU the one to say it first? The scripture points to loving justice, showing mercy, and walking humbly with God. Examine why you've been silent for so long.

If you don't agree or believe that Black Lives Matter or you have trouble saying Black Lives Matter full-throated, then this is not the place for you. I am NOT sorry you spent your time or your money here but it's time for you to mosey on down the road now. Go on. This just ain't the place for you. God bless. Peace. No ill will.

Now, if you're still here.........

I don't know about you, but I'm hurting. I'm heartbroken. I'm angry. I'm frustrated. I'm fed up. There is palpable tension in the air. You feel it. I know you do. From Covid, drying up my business, (and by God y'all saving it by purchasing cloth masks) to the racial injustice that bounds freely I have not been able to operate business-as-usual. And I don't want to. There is a new normal on the horizon. We (myself included) all were thinking it was masks and social distancing. I was gearing up to roll out a full 'Stay-cation' campaign but the murder of George Floyd changed not only my business plans but the world's.

The murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd (and sadly Rayshard Brooks since I started writing this) so close in proximity to each other have made it harder to get out of bed each day. My legs feel heavier, my head spins. I've had sleep but I'm not rested. I'm tired but I do not have the luxury, as some, to be inactive; to stay quiet; to even remain in bed.

I'm tired. I'm tired of explaining why 'All Lives Matter' ain't cool to say. I'm tired of sitting in rooms crying over dead black men and women and then gathering myself and my tears so my kids don't think I'm a crazy cry-all-the-time lady. I'm tired of having to analogize my black brothers and sisters to runners in a race, or a burning building, or an injured person. I'm tired of explaining how some 'runners' have a head start and if one 'building' is burning, not all buildings in the neighborhood need the fire department's attention, or if one 'kids' arm is broken, not everyone on the playground needs a cast. All that is needed to explain white privilege to white people leaves us black and brown folk empty; drained of all energy.

God and I have wrestled over the past few weeks. I want these hands to tear stuff up and this mouth to scream and holler. But God wants me to use my hands, mouth, mind, and heart for His glory; to be the most effective and impactful version of myself as not to allow the unjust murders of black and brown people in this country to have happened in vain. He always wins these wrestling matches. He is so gracious with me- infinitely more gracious than I have been with some. But I still have hope. I have to. I have children. Black children. And you cannot raise children in hopelessness. It is not good for them.

Thank you for your ally-ship. Thank you for your support. Thank you for taking the time to patron my online shop. Thank you for supporting a business run by a BIPOC (Black/Indigenous Person of Color). Thank you for marching and protesting. Keep up the good work.

Until there is measurable equity; until constitutions are amended and laws are changed to instill equity in this nation, CoHeir will not stop bringing light to the glaring injustices in our nation through its online social media platform and the goods and services offered here online. Until black lives matter just as much as other lives, you'll see raised fists and slogans in shop to help affirm other brothers and sisters that their black is beautiful and to remind the rest of us the struggle is REAL and nowhere near over.

That's all she wrote folks.

Much Love,

Wendy (the CEO of this business right here)

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