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Congratulations on your “Fruitful ” subscription box by CoHeir!


This very special box was created to empower you to Wear Your Crown and in turn, transform the world around you.


Here at CoHeir we Wear Our Crowns by:


-seeing ourselves as valuable human beings and encouraging others to discover their value


-caring for ourselves and becoming more physically and spiritually equipped for what life offers


-creating unique spaces (physical and virtual) that reflect ourselves and unashamedly reveal our unique flavor to the world

The Four P ’s:

Items in Fruitful boxes fall under one of 4 categories:

Process-items that help you process thoughts, feelings, and experiences

Proclamation- affirming "Credit" card that remind you to give yourself credit for your awesomeness.

Pamper-a special gift each month that helps you self care

Pay it Forward- items that inspire you to care for and encourage your circle of influence.


Each category is intended to help you be Fruitful this year. Every single item in this box is meant to be used within a month’s time. Fear not because next month, you’ll have some new amazingness arrive at your front door!

This Month’s Box Includes:

Process             Proclamation            Pamper                Pay It Forward

-A hand-bound, 31-day journal (38 pages)

-Journaling prompt stickers (30ct)

-"Credit" card loaded with daily affirmations to help give yourself credit for being awesome! 

-Genuine Leather



-3 Coheir Simply Said “Auld Lang Syne” greeting cards
-3 envelopes

-3 postage stamps

It’s a new year and with it you have the opportunity to cast new vision for this 2021! Allow the sticker journal prompts to help you process your thoughts, feelings, and experiences this month.

Scan the QR code on your 'credit' card each day and say these vision-focused affirmations loud and proud this month. Tuck it in your purse or pocket and take it out, and re-scan when you need a  reminder of your awesomeness!

Use your favorite essential oil to dab on the back of these hand-cut earrings. If essential oils isn’t your thing spritz your favorite perfume or body spray on the back or don’t use any scent on them at all!

Send an old (or new) friend a New Year’s Salutation! Auld Lang Syne loosely translates to "good old times". Write a short personal letter about the 'good old times', include a cool memento and hand it to your mail carrier or drop it in your nearest mailbox.

The CROWN method of journaling


We don’t have as much time as we’d like but journaling can be an amazing way to help you process your emotional, mental, and day-to-day happenings. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you successfully journal? One day at a time. Follow the CROWN method of journaling:





Worthy and

Notable occurrences


Uncomplicated Journaling

Journaling shouldn’t be complicated or intimidating. You shouldn’t need a PhD in hand lettering or have to read an entire book to know how to fill another book with your thoughts and feelings.


The CROWN method allows you to easily journal by removing unnecessary roadblock from the experience. You have a compact, month-long journal with 18 thematic journal prompts and 12 free journaling days to share feelings, dreams, or random (but significant) thoughts. The smaller profile of a CROWN journal and limited number of pages helps keep you focused and encourages you to consolidate your record keeping to more significant thoughts, emotions, and experiences in your month. Journal entries are not intended to be more than one page per day BUT you do have a few extra pages every month if you should need more space. The CROWN method of journaling can work for new and experienced journalists alike. The beauty of a CROWN journal is that you’re the storyteller so you dictate the contents of your journal.

Get Creative!

A small page should not limit you. Get creative! This is your journal. You feel like drawing? Draw! Diagrams are your thing? Diagram away! You wanna skip a day or journal every other day. Do it! You wanna one-word entry or 55-word your way through a month? You’re allowed.


Some Suggestions for Success:

Create a routine. Think about whether or not you’re a morning or night time person. Consider journaling when you wake up or before you go to sleep. Find a quiet and cozy place in your home to journal. It can be a quiet corner or a favorite chair underneath your fuzziest blanket. Wherever it is, be consistent about journaling in that space. It will encourage you in your journaling routine.

Give yourself a time window. This is a small journal that has the potential to pack a punch. Give yourself 15 minutes to answer the daily journal prompts. The sticker prompts are useful because they remove the ‘what to write about’ burden.

Date your entries. This seems so simple but so easy to overlook. You’ll thank yourself later for dating your entries. Dating your entries (oh the puns that have come to mind) allows you to see how consistently you’ve been journaling and can help you set better journaling goals for the next month.

Be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a couple of days. In order to be gracious with others we must first be gracious with ourselves. If you find yourself being inconsistent with your journal entries you may just need to adjust the amount of entries per month you create. Journaling is like a muscle. It will get stronger and easier to do with time and consistency.


We at CoHeir are SO excited for you and your growth this year. All the best and happy journaling! Now go enjoy all the goodies in your box or hit the button below to be taken to the fruitful online community! 


Wendy Henderson

Mixed Media Storyteller

CoHeir LLC

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