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Mission| Vision | The CoHeir Crown




CoHeir exists to remind you of the royalty within yourself that empowers you to 'Wear Your Crown' and transform the world around you. 


We Wear Our Crown........

when we see ourselves as valuable human beings and can in turn encourage others to discover their value.

when we care for ourselves and become more physically and spiritually equipped for what life offers. 

when we create unique spaces that reflect ourselves and unashamedly reveal our unique flavor to the world. 

The CoHeir Crown

The CoHeir Crown existed before CoHeir, as a business, was ever a thought. Founder, and Mixed Media Storyteller Wendy Henderson began using the 3-pointed crown in 2016 as a signature to her life-empowering social media posts. The crown's points were a reminder of three identifying principles of Wendy's life and life scripture, Romans 8:17

1. We are all children of God.

2. God knows each of our names.

3. We are CoHeirs with Christ. 

While there are many references to crowns in the Bible, The CoHeir Crown is an embodiment of living a life exemplar not just for our own personal growth but for the transformation of the people and world around us.


Founder, and Mixed Media Storyteller Wendy Henderson


Hey! My name is Wendy Henderson. I am the founder and Mixed Media Storyteller of CoHeir. At the end of 2017 I really found myself at a crossroads. I had a decision to make- keep unhappily working my three jobs or quit 'em all and start my own business. I chose the latter and haven't looked back since. 

As a Mixed Media Storyteller, my passion has always been to enhance the lives of those around me. Out of that passion CoHeir emerged. Because I am a poly creative you'll see an array of hand-crafted goods and services focused on helping you transform the world around you.  


I have a crew of amazing family and friends who have spurred me on as this little business continues to grow. I couldn't have done any of this without the loving support and cheerleading of my amazing husband Harlan and awesome sons Josh and Noah. They have rooted for me along this journey, constantly encouraging me to dream bigger and never give up. They're also my first product testers so you know if it makes it to the shop, it has this entire family's stamp of approval. 

When you shop or patron CoHeir's services, you're also supporting a BIPOC business! C'mon and let's do a dance because that's something to be celebrated. As an ethnically mixed person (Black, Latina, Western European) my cultures inevitably inform my artistry. And that's a good thing because that means you're going to find unique, one of a kind goods in the shop and have unique service experiences. 

Yes, I am a Christian so that means Christ is not only the foundation of my faith but also this business. I know that more than ever in this day and age, the word 'Christian' can come with a lot of baggage. I want to make abundantly clear that all are welcome here. ALL. As a Jesus-Follower and a BIPOC-owned business, CoHeir operates out of an abundance of love and utter respect for humans of various walks of life, socio economic backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and religions. I really do hope you stick around for a while, read a bit check out the CO-mmunity, check out my latest online exhibit, take a peek in the shop, or book your next portrait session


And as Always, remember to Wear Your Crown! 


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